First of all, for people complaining about the content… In the first two day it’s the Users and Administrators Conference. So well, it’s not that shocking if it’s not really hacker oriented. Now, here are my impressions¬†:

Novell Desktop

Keeping in mind that it’s targetted for users interested in KDE (at least I hope so) it’s indeed strange to see someone coming and explaining they use no KDE application for the major tasks (mail, browsing, etc.) except Kopete…

Kolab - Groupware the KDE way

Nice talk about Kolab, this one was clearly for sysadmins, so we had some technical insights about how it works. Till seems to be a very good speaker, liked his style.

I admit that I didn’t followed this one very closely (shame), since I was chatting a bit with David Faure about some KIO related stuffs.

Deploying KDE Using The Kiosk Framework

Another one targeted to sysadmins in my opinion. Very good talk, raising the right points, answering the right question. Presenting the context of a successful deployment using Kiosk. Well done Aaron!

Ubuntu and Kubuntu

Clearly a misleading title… It was more about cooperation across opensource projects, and even more specifically between upstream and distro makers. Oh, and well Mark Shuttleworth is the first space tourist in case you was still not aware of this…

Linux migration success stories with KDE and NX

Another talk with misleading content, but with a very interesting content. Instead of real success stories (I was expecting enterprise deployments or something similar), we had a talk about NX itself, it’s current state and how to test it. Too bad the talk by itself was lacking some polishing in my humble opinion.

Anyway, I’m really glad to see that NX is making its way. Maybe it’s a bit slow since most of what has been presented was already reality last year, but it’s really taking shape now with more features. As Kurt hinted we still badly miss a free (as in speech) client. Too bad that it’s used a lot now so changing would be difficult, but I still think that the name of this is not fortunate. “NX” is quite cryptic to most users, they surely don’t even care that it’s related to X… that lacks sexiness.

After this one, I didn’t attend anything because of a headache… Too bad, I wanted to at least attend the Scripts with KDE feel talk. I’m looking forward to tomorrow talk… But well it seems that we have a party sponsored by Novell this night (thanks a lot for this) so I guess it’ll be hard to wake up. =)