d+6 : Half day....

Aug 27, 2004 | 1 minute read

Tags: Akademy, KDE

Today, I managed to arrive at 11:00 to the aKademy… I slept enough for this night at least. I’d like to do the same this night, but… since I have a talk at 10:30, so it’s not advised to arrive at 11:00

So the working day was short… I discussed with David Faure a lot in fact. Mostly of hacking kioslaves for the purpose of the devices:/ ioslave. At one point we became slightly off-topic since we share some cultural background.

I started to help David on the future trash:/ ioslave (a least I try). It’s a good thing to address this, because the current trashcan implementation is not that fortunate. I’m pretty confident that this ioslave will improve things a lot for the user.

This blog entry is quite short today… But there’s not much more to say this time. ;-)