d+5 : BoF Marathon day...

Aug 26, 2004 | 2 minutes read

Tags: Akademy, KDE

Today I was not able to find time to hack on anything… Too many Bird of Feather sessions I had to attend.

Started with the KDE 3.4 vs 4.0 meeting… It was quite interesting in my opinion to see the developers not speaking only about coding but also about processes management. Some people I know should really see this because they still believe that free software hackers are basically people spending there coding like monkeys (should I had they are not part of my friends?). Nothing is official yet, so I won’t tell what the result is (or if there’s a result)… but anyway I’m pretty excited to see a new release cycle starting, and lot of great stuffs will happen.

After lunch, I attended the NX BoF… The topic was really interesting. I really appreciated Aaron Seigo plans for this technology, and Matthias Ettrich point of view about it. They are really clever… and I have a strange shy feeling in their presence. I know it’s stupid, and they don’t act as if I had to be inferior or something like this. Strange…

Finally, the KDE Debian Integration BoF started. I was co-chairman with Peter Rockai. I have to admit that I’m a bit disappointed. We surely could do better and we maybe managed to be boring actually. But, we had some interesting input from some of the attendees… so it’s not that bad.