d+4 : Hacking, and sleeping a lot...

Aug 26, 2004 | 2 minutes read

Tags: Akademy, KDE

Because of yesterday coding marathon I only woke up at 11:00 today… So it’s now official, I went to aKademy very interested by the usability talks and discussions and managed to miss everything except Aaron’s talk. It’s really a pity. Anyway I hope that those discussions will lead us to a well organized cooperation with real usability expert. We need to find our own process to handle usability aspects in open source software.

Apart from this major failure, I attended the KDE Quality Team BoF. I’m not really a PR skilled person, but the discussions were interesting. An idea was even given by mornfall to allow user to propose “What’s This” texts when they are missing. He started to implement it this evening, and it’s shaping really well.

On the hacking front, I finished the first stage of my work on the devices:/ ioslave. You can now give more convenient name to your devices. But the whole code is a bit old and difficult to extend, so we’ll discuss the new architecture until the end of the week. The new implementation will be done after aKademy.

Now, I’m going to find something else to hack, like helping mornfall on his current work, code for Kivio or maybe help David Faure a bit on the upcoming trash:/ ioslave.