d+2 and d+3 : Hacking, and maybe some sleep

Aug 25, 2004 | 1 minute read

Tags: Akademy, KDE

So, yesterday was the first day for the coding marathon. I have not many things to add… I was so tired when I finished that I didn’t want to blog at all.

One particular event, except from the coding, was the PGP Key Signing party… really a game for geeks. You make a little dance around a room, showing you ID card and your key fingerprint. Of course most of the people laugh at your photo ID.

Of course, because of yesterday, I managed to get up too late to attend the first talk of the day about usability. But I was here to listen to Aaron Seigo’s talk… very interesting!

Today, some coding again. I’m working on the devices:/ kioslave. At this rate I hope to implement the planned features before the end of this week.