d-day: It's alive!!!

Aug 22, 2004 | 3 minutes read

Tags: Akademy, KDE

I woke up early today… very tired… I admit that I didn’t sleep well last night. The Kaesespaetzle was quite good, but managed to make me feel sick during the night.

That’s why I was very very slow… I met Aaron Seigo upstairs and I bet that he wondered who was this guy not even able to understand a simple english sentence (I finally understood on the second or third try). The breakfast was quite nice and in the same fashion : slow and lazy.

Then it was time to walk to aKademy for the first talk by Eirik Chambe-Eng one of the two Trolltech founders. It was really nice and informative. Last but not least there was a lot of humour in his talk which is always a very good thing.

The second talk I attended was about the areas of KDE which would need the use of meta-data and research centric UI. The talker was Scott Wheeler who unfortunately experienced a lot of technical issues while presenting. But, he was good enough to keep the talk very informative…

Then I attended to a talk by Gustavo Boiko and Helio Chissini de Castro. They propose a way to share some code snippets inside the project to avoid duplication even more. It sounds like a good idea indeed… but it quite difficult to do it right in my opinion. This idea surely needs to be a little more refined but can turn into something really nice.

I unfortunately missed the Harri Porten’s talk I planned to attend… I was a bit late lunching and chasing for a lent laptop to be able to work since I don’t have one.

I’ve then made a hard choice and attended to Matthias Ettrich’s talk… but I’d like to attend Kurt Pfeifle’s talk about NX.

Matthias Ettrich’s talk about APIs designing was really good! This guy is really clever and master his subject… There was so many things to say that he was not able to present everything. He’s planning to write an article on the subject, and I’m really impatient to be able to read this!

Then I missed Tom Chance’s talk about the Quality Teams because I was gently discussing with Eva Bruscheifer, Peter Rockai, and two person working on the Skolelinux project : Bart Cornelis and Kurt Gramlich. We’ll see them again during the coding marathon for the KDE Debian Integration meeting.

The last talk for today was about, Daniel Stone inherited this task… which resulted in some harsh considerations. I have to admit that I’m sometimes worried when I see how the things evolves, but the goal they support is quite valuable and more KDE participation would a good way to improve things. It’s just like any other project after all… its global behavior is determined by the people working on it.

And good surprise (almost since it was mentionned on the schedule), we had a “social event” with free food and free drinks (free as in free beer, not free as in freedom :p). It was really good food, and I discussed with some people.

Finally, I managed to make the laptop work correctly for my use… it still needs some tweaking but I guess it’ll be okay. The only problem is that I have to fight with this weird qwertz keyboard! It’s really unusual for me.