d-2 : Preparing departure

Aug 19, 2004 | 1 minute read

Tags: Akademy, KDE

Ok, I guess I’m ready to take my plane tomorrow morning. I’ve already reviewed two times my checklist, I’ve taken a little more than expected. It should do.

Since I’ll have lot of time to wait in Paris airport and in the plane itself, I’ve taken four novels with me. I wanted to buy some books that Anne-Marie advised me but I failed to find even one. I’ll have to try a book shop we have here called “the book shop” (nice name isn’t it? :D). They sell only books in english… hence the name.

I’m thrilled to go to aKademy tomorrow… it’ll be the first time I meet the KDE developers I already know thanks to IRC. Of course, I’ll surely meet other developers currently unknown to me and that’s great!

Moreover, I’m excited because it’s the first time I’ll travel out of France… I admit Germany is not that far from France, but it’s a foreign country with it’s own people, language and culture to discover!

It’s time to sleep now… My plane will take off early! Next time I’ll connect, it’ll be from Ludwigsburg!