Audio conference is fun... and maybe useful ;)

Jul 21, 2004 | 2 minutes read

Tags: Geeky, KDE

Yesterday, I played a little with audio conference tools with mornfall and other Kalyxo guys. It’s the first time I use this kind of tool since I have my ADSL connection.

We tried GnomeMeeting and Skype…

GnomeMeeting is based on OpenH323 which I already met in an old research and development project during a training period. So it wasn’t a lot of news except that I had a GUI this time and that the Speex codec was available! ;) And Speex is really a nice codec… worked very well for us.

Skype is unfortunately not Free (as in speech) but is quite interesting too. I don’t know which codec they use but it has a high sound quality in optimal conditions but it can degrade quickly. In the worst case, you hear only some unintelligible robotic noises.

We tried Skype conferencing mode with five people connected… it was lot of fun… full of non-sense! :) And since Skype seems to be intensive we finally switched back to GnomeMeeting using only point to point communications.

It was really fun, and I was glad to hear mornfall’s voice. We stayed connected a few hours… Maybe having this kind of exercises will help improve my english a bit, but at least it helped us during the proof reading of our Kalyxo aKademy talk abstract.