Let’s go for my web review for the week 2022-42.

Stable Diffusion is a really big deal

Tags: tech, ai, machine-learning, ethics

Not much new in this article regarding Stable Diffusion. That being said the section about ethics is spot on. This is the toughest part to grapple with regarding the latest batch of generative AIs. The legal traceability of the training set might end up being required (even though I doubt it will happen).

GitHub Copilot investigation · Joseph Saveri Law Firm & Matthew Butterick

Tags: tech, law, copyright, foss, github, copilot, microsoft

Alright, this going to be interesting. Pass me the pop corn. It’s definitely a welcome move in any case.

EasyList is in trouble and so are many ad blockers

Tags: tech, foss, community, browser

How a design flaw in some obscure browsers can put a community project to its knees.

Why we’re leaving the cloud

Tags: tech, cloud, business, economics

Hear! Hear! No, moving your infrastructure to managed services doesn’t make sense in all cases. You need to be in the right place in term of complexity and traffic to really benefit from it. It’s less common than you’d think due to the marketing pressure.

Feather – Simply beautiful open source icons

Tags: tech, icons, design

Nice little tool to easily produce icons in a cohesive style.

A simple static site generator

Tags: tech, blog, self-hosting

OK, super tiny and simple. This looks like a nice alternative for the big ones like Jekyll or Hugo.

A Real World React -> htmx Port

Tags: tech, htmx, html, javascript, frontend, django, webcomponents

Interesting data point about a service moving completely to the htmx and web components approaches. Not all applications are going to see such drastic improvements, that being said the change in team structure alone feels like a very good thing to me (and is more likely to be the constant in such moves).

Musings on Python Type Hints —

Tags: tech, python, type-systems, mypy

Interesting examples where the Python type hints are used. This still needs improvements but it’s clearly improving.

Test smarter, not harder -

Tags: tech, tests, tdd, craftsmanship

Lots of very good points, I’m a proponent of TDD but I strongly agree with this. If it’s painful and not fun, find a way to do it differently. There’s likely a tool or some API you miss. Manage your effort.

Rust-like traits in C++ | dragly

Tags: tech, programming, c++, rust

Always interesting when a language influence the use of another one. I like this kind of epiphanies.

RAII: Compile-Time Memory Management in C++ and Rust :: The Coded Message

Tags: tech, programming, rust, c++, memory

Very good overview about RAII, ownership, borrowing references. All that comparing C++ and Rust in their ways to handle those concepts. Definitely a must-read even though it’s a bit long.

How Trying New Programming Languages Helped Me Grow as a Software Engineer

Tags: tech, programming, craftsmanship, learning

Definitely this. I regularly try to pick up new languages for this exact reason. Every time it improves the way I use the languages I already knew. / Avoiding Featurism

Tags: tech, product-management, project-management, team, complexity

Very important points. This can easily turn a project into a death march with rampant undue complexity. Also the proposed guidelines are simple and seem efficient.

Wait vs Interrupt Culture | Compass Rose

Tags: culture, conversation, life

That’s a very interesting way to frame it. Two different cultures to drive a conversation, both with their pros and cons. Lots to mull over for me in that short article.

Conway’s Law

Tags: tech, architecture, conway, organization, business

Very good primer on Conway’s Law by Martin Fowler. Definitely recommended, obviously this is just a start and requires diving deeper in the topic.

Non-Euclidean geometry and games

Tags: tech, gaming, 3d, geometry, mathematics

Nice little article rehashing what it really means to have a non-euclidian geometry since the term has been unfortunately abused lately. Also gives a list of games to experience weird geometries.

Sound – Bartosz Ciechanowski

Tags: science, sound

Again a very nice interactive article. This time about sound, very thorough. Reminded me some of the things I learned at school (but then forgot) a long time ago.

Phantom Forests: Why Ambitious Tree Planting Projects Are Failing - Yale E360

Tags: science, nature, ecology

Planting trees to help, sure. Let’s do it properly though, sometimes that means just getting out of the way.

Barcelona-style “superblocks” could make a surprising number of cities greener and less car-centric

Tags: urbanization, ecology

Interesting research about city planning. Definitely a bigger challenge in the future for larger cities.

Bye for now!